Suture Material, Bone Wax, Surgical Mesh


Novovet is proud to be a distributor for LuxSutures.

LUXSUTURES is specialized in the manufacturing of surgical sutures. The company is located in Luxemburg, in the heart of Europe, between Belgium, France and Germany.

LUXSUTURES products are recognized by surgeons around the world, enjoying market and surgeon acceptance based on our high quality standards, growing range of products, as well as fair and competitive prices.

LUXSUTURES maintains quality standards based on the most demanding international regulations, such as EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Catalogue for foil pack suture material, bone wax, polypropylene hernia mesh & specialised surgical blades

Catalogue for casette suture material

Catalogue for other products

Most clinics use individually packed suture material with a swaged on needle and calculating cost is simple:

  1. Minimum order is FIVE boxes of 12 foils
  2. No delivery charge
  3. One box is either $45 or $60 (see below)
  4. Once the order is confirmed, delivery is expected within 1-2 weeks
  5. The order will arrive with a self-addressed envelope if you choose to pay by cheque
  6. We are just as happy to receive payment via bank transfer

$45 per box of 12 foils:

  • Catgut
  • Luxylene
  • Luxamid
  • Supramid
  • Luxpet
  • Silk

$60 per box of 12 foils

  • Luxcryl 910
  • Lyxcryl PGA
  • Luxcryl PDO
  • Luxcryl Monofast
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Simply email to make an order today!



Cassette type suture material also available. Please email for a quote.


Bone wax 2.5g (box of 12) – $65

Skin stapler 35 W –

Skin staple remover –

Polypropylene hernia mesh

  • 15 cm x 15 cm – $72
  • 30 cm x 30 cm – $151
  • 6 cm x 11 cm – $62
  • 10 cm x 15 cm – $62