MILA International Medical & Surgical Products


Visit MILA Website for instructional videos, articles and product information.

Some featured products from the MILA catalogue as follows (images from MILA catalogue):

Clear Cuff Pressure Infuser bag to speed up giving of subcutaneous fluids, or to assist in lavage of contaminated wounds.



Double lumen GDV tube for pre-surgical stabilisation of the GDV patient.



Various drains (Blake, Jackson Pratt, multipurpose, flexi) and suction bulbs for post surgical management of effusions, peritonitis and for peritoneal dialysis.


Tomcat Catheter with Flushable stylet with adjustable length ideal for comfort and closed urinary system.


Guidewire Inserted Chest Tube to avoid traumatic trocar-introduced drains. Perfect for the obese pleural effusion cat with no palpable ribs.

Central catheter with peel-away introducer allows placement of central jugular catheter without need for Seldinger technique or general aneaesthesia.

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (Long Line Kit) allows central lines to be placed from peripheral veins. Ideal for the unstable patient in which total parenteral nutrition is indicated but anaesthesia should be avoided.

Split Introducer allows placement of central jugular catheters without general anaesthesia.


Percutaneous Gastrostomy (PEG) Tube for enteral feeding.  Placement is assisted by endoscopy. Extension set is available to convert PEG tube to a jejunal feeding tube.


Automatic 3-Way Tap  allows rapid aspiration of effusion with simple pumping motion.

Bone Marrow Biopsy needle


Nasogastric Feeding tubes for short term liquid enteral nutrition feeding of patients in which anaesthesia is to be avoided.


Elastomeric Pumps infuse medication intravenously at a rate controlled by lumen diameter of fluid line (various rates possible).  No batteries required and not gravity-dependent.


Spring Powered Syringe Pump. Ideal for exotics.  No battery required and not gravity dependent. Rate depends on fluid line.



Wide range of exciting products available.  Do visit the MILA website.

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